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Open Restaurants in Lawrence, Kansas

Name Takeout Delivery
1900 Barker St
Open: Sa-Su 8am-2pm; Mo-Fr 7am-5pm
3512 Clinton Pkwy
Open: Mo-Su 12pm-9pm
715 Massachusetts St
Open: Tu-Th 3pm-9pm; Fr-Sa 3pm-10pm
1520 Wakarusa Dr
Open: Mo-Sun 4-9pm
1021 Massachusetts St
Open: Su-Sa 11:30am-2:30pm; 5-7:30pm
816 Massachusetts St
Open: Th-Sun 8am-2pm
4000 W. 6th St
Open: Mo-Su 7am-5pm
2520 Iowa St
Open: Mo-Su 11am-9pm
125 E. 10th St
Open: Tu-Su 12-8pm
7 E 7th St
Open: Mo-Su 10:30am-9pm
2311 Wakarusa Dr #D
Open: Tu-Th 11am-6pm; Fr 11am-5pm; Sa 11am-4pm
616 W 9th St
Open: Mo-Su 4-9pm
200 McDonald Dr
Open: Mo-Su 10am-6pm
2120 W 9th St
Open: Mo-Sa 11am-8pm
4821 W 6th St
Open: Mo-Su 6:30am-2:30pm
900 Mississippi St
Open: Mo-Su 4-9pm
2429 Iowa St
Open: Mo-Su 11am-8pm
623 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Su 4:30-6pm
525 Wakarusa Dr, Suite D
Open: Mo-Th 3-8pm; Fr-Sa 12-9pm; Su 12-8pm
200 McDonald Dr
Open: Mo-Su 11am-2pm, 4-10pm
929 Massachusetts St
Open: Th-Sa 10am-4pm (pickup); Mo-Sa (delivery)
3140 Iowa St, Ste 106
Open: Mo-Su 11am-8pm
803 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Su 11am-10pm
4801 Bauer Farm Dr, Suite A
Open: Mo-Su 11am-8pm
7 W 11th St
Open: We-Su 8am-6pm
1016 Massachusetts St
815 New Hampshire St
Open: Su-We 11am-9pm; Th-Sa 11am-10pm
920 Delaware St
623 Vermont St
Open: Su-Th 11am-9pm; Fr-Sa 11am-10pm
1004 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Sa 1pm-8pm; Su 1pm-6pm
4931 W 6th St, #124
1819 W 23rd St
3333 Iowa St
1007 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Su 4-9pm
706 E 23rd St
Open: Mo-Su 11am-9:30pm
2040 31st St, Suite B
Open: Mo-Su 11am-9pm
636 Massachusetts St
Open: Tu-Su 11:30am-9pm; Fr-Sa bar open until 10pm
1117 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Su 11am-9pm
844 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Su 10am-6pm
312 N 2nd St
Open: Mo-Sun 12pm-12am
820 Massachusetts St
Open: Th-Sa 8am-1:30pm
619 Massachusetts St
Open: Tu-Th 11am-2:30pm, 5pm-9:30pm; Fr-Su 11am-10pm
4621 W 6th St
Open: Mo-Su 11am-9pm
900 New Hampshire St Ste B
Open: Su-Th 11:30am-9pm; Fr-Sa 11:30am-11:30pm
501 W Ninth St
Open: Mo-Fr 7am-6pm; Sa 7am-5pm
1501 W 23rd St
3520 W 6th St
Open: Mo-Su 4-8:30pm (last taken orders at 8pm)
7 E 8th St
Open: Mo-Su 12-9:30pm
1516 23rd St
Open: Mo-Su 11am-8pm
1200 Oread Ave
129 E 10th Street
Open: Mo,We-Su 11am-2pm; Mo,We-Su 5pm-9:45pm
4821 W. 6th St
Open: Tu-Su 12-8pm
1410 Kasold Dr A13
3140 Iowa St
17 E 7th St
Open: Mo-Su 8am-6pm
701 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Su 7am-9pm
743 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Th 4-9pm; Fr-Su 11am-9pm
1540 Wakarusa Dr
Open: Mo-Th 4-9pm; Fr-Su 11am-9pm
7 E 7th St
Open: Pickup until 11pm
401 N 2nd St
Open: Th-Sa 9am-2am; Tu 11am-2am
721 Wakarusa Dr
Open: Sun-Tu 11am-12am; We-Th 11am-12am; Fr-Sa 11am-2am
444 Locust St
Open: We-Sa 5-9pm
2907 W 6th St
2449 Iowa St D
712 Massachusetts St
Open: Opening soon
638 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Fr 6:30am-5pm; Sa-Sun 7:30am-5pm
434 Locust St
Open: Mo-Sa 12-7pm
721 Massachusetts St
Open: We-Su 8am-3pm
1035 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Sa 11am-8pm; Su 11am-4pm
826 Pennsylvania St
Open: Mo-Su 3-8pm
4811 Bob Billings Pkwy, Ste C
Open: Mo-Su 3-8pm
935 Iowa St
Open: Tue-Sat 10am-6pm
935 Iowa St
Open: Tue-Sat 11am-8pm; Sun 10am-3pm
644 Massachusetts St
Open: Fr 2-7pm; Sa 5-8pm
814 Massachusetts St
Open: Tu-Sa 4-8:30pm
1524 W 23rd St
Open: Tu-Fr 10am-7pm
2210 Iowa St
Open: Fr 4-9pm; Sa 11am-9pm
1031 New Hampshire St
Open: Saturday meal pickup
907 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Th 11am-8pm; Fr-Sa 11am-8:30pm; Su 11am-8pm
616 W 9th St
Open: Mo-Th 10:30am-8pm; Th-Fr 10:30am-9pm
1111 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Su 10am-8pm
719 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Su 2-8pm
1103 Massachusetts St
2108 W 27th St, Suite A-3
3300 W, Bob Billings Pkwy, Suite B5
746 Massachusetts St
Open: Tu-Sa 12-8pm; Su Brunch
707 W 23rd St
901 New Hampshire St
Open: Mo-Sa 7am-2pm; Su 8am-2pm
934 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Th 11am-9pm; Fr 11am-10pm; Sa 12-10pm; Su 12-9pm
4931 W 6th St
925 Iowa St
3115 W. 6th St, Suite D
Open: Mo-Su 11am-8pm
711 W 23rd St #24
Open: Tu-Sun 4:30-8pm
1530 W 6th St
1008 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Su 11:30am-9:30pm
1410 Kasold Dr, Suite A17
Open: Mo-Fr 9am-6pm; Sa-Su 10am-3pm
4801 Bauer Farm Dr
Open: Mo-Su 11am-10pm
1511 W. 23rd St
1618 W 23rd St
Open: Mo-Su 11am-11pm
520 W 23rd St
Open: Mo-Sa 7am-8pm; Su 7:30am-7:30pm
1035 Massachusetts St
845 Massachusetts St
Open: We-Su 10am-6pm
818 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Su 10am-10pm
3514 Clinton Parkway
Open: Mo-Su 10am-10pm
2500 Iowa St
1011 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Su 11am-9pm
1601 W 23rd #119
Open: Mo-Th 11am-2am; Fr-Sa 11am-3am; Su 11am-1:30am
804 Iowa St
2435 Iowa St
918 Massachusetts St
900 New Jersey St
920 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Su 7am-2pm
724 Massachusetts St
Open: We-Su - Kitchen: 4-10pm, Dining Room until 12am
704 Massachusetts St
2228 Iowa St
Open: Tu-Sa 11am-2pm; Su&Th 4-8pm
4931 W 6th St
Open: Su-Th 11am-8:30pm; Fr-Sa 11am-9:30pm
17 E 8th St
Open: Mo-Sa 5pm-12am, Su (check online for hours)
4821 W 6th St, Ste K
711 W 23rd St, Ste 12
Open: Su-Th 10am-2am; Fr-Sa 10am-3am
4931 W 6th St
Open: Mo-Su 3-9pm
3115 W 6th St
1500 E 23rd St
4000 W 6th St
Open: Mo-Su 11am-8:30pm
1530 W 6th St
Open: Mo-Su 11am-8:30pm
1540 Wakarusa
Open: Mo-Su 11am-8:30pm
1601 W 23rd St
Open: Mo-Su 11am-8:30pm
3300 Iowa St
Open: Mo-Su 11am-7pm
1800 E 23rd St
Open: Mo-Su 11am-8:30pm
3131 Nieder
Open: Mo-Su 11am-8:30pm
804 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Su 8am-9pm
100 Riverfront Dr, Suite B
Open: Tu,Fr 11am-1pm; Tu,Fr 4-6pm
2223 Louisiana St
Open: Tu-Su 11am-9:30pm
1011 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Su 3-9pm
1500 W 6th St
Open: Tu-Sun 11am-9pm
4801 Bauer Farm Dr, Suite C
Open: Mo-Fr 10am-5pm; Sa-Su 10am-2pm
7 E 8th St
Open: Mo-Su 11am-9pm
801 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Sa 11am-8pm
1101 W. 6th St
2309 Haskell Ave.
13 E 8th St
Open: Tu-Sa 12pm-8pm
805 Vermont St
2329 Iowa St, Suite T
Open: Mo-Su 3-8:30pm
2223 Louisiana St
Open: Tu-Fr 11am-8:45pm; Sa 12-8:45pm; Su 12-8:15pm
601 Kasold Dr, #C101
239 Elm St
Open: Mo,We,Th,Su 11am-9pm; Fr-Sa 11am-10pm
1100 Mississippi St
Open: Su-Th 11am-12am; Fr-Sa 11am-3am
925 Iowa St, Suite P
Open: Mo-Th 5-11pm; Fr-Sa 11am-11pm
2330 Yale Rd, Suite A
Open: Mo-Fr 8am-2pm; Sa 8am-1pm
1800 E. 23rd St
1826 East 1150 Rd
Open: Th-Su 12-6pm
701 W 23rd St
4931 W 6th St, #118A
Open: Mo-Sa 11am-8pm; Su 11am-3pm
624 N. 2nd St
Open: Mo-Fr 6am-6pm; Sa 7am-6pm; Su 9am-5pm
740 Massachusetts St
933 Iowa St
Open: Mo-Su 11am-7:30pm
2222 Iowa St
904 Vermont St
Open: Mo-Fr 7:30am-6:30pm; Sa 7:30am-5pm; Su 8:30am-4pm
1814 W 23rd St
Open: Mo-Su 10am-9pm
811 Massachusetts St
Open: Mo-Su 11am-9pm

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