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Neighborhoods | West Lawrence Restaurants

Name Takeout Curbside Delivery
1520 Wakarusa Dr
Open: Mo-Sun 4-9pm
4000 W. 6th St
Open: Mo-Su 7am-6pm
2311 Wakarusa Dr #D
Open: Tu-Th 11am-6pm; Fr 11am-5pm; Sa 11am-4pm
4821 W 6th St
Open: Mo-Su 6:30am-2:30pm
525 Wakarusa Dr, Suite D
Open: Mo-Th 3-8pm; Fr-Sa 12-9pm; Su 12-8pm
4801 Bauer Farm Dr, Suite A
Open: Mo-Su 11am-8pm
3115 W. 6th St, Suite D
Open: Mo-Su 11am-8pm
4931 W 6th St, #124
4621 W 6th St
Open: Mo-Su 11am-9pm
4821 W. 6th St
Open: Tu-Su 12-8pm
1410 Kasold Dr A13
1540 Wakarusa Dr
Open: Mo-Th 4-9pm; Fr-Su 11am-9pm
721 Wakarusa Dr
Open: Sun-Tu 11am-12am; We-Th 11am-12am; Fr-Sa 11am-2am
4811 Bob Billings Pkwy, Ste C
Open: Mo-Su 3-8pm
3300 W, Bob Billings Pkwy, Suite B5
4931 W 6th St
4801 Bauer Farm Dr
Open: Mo-Su 11am-10pm
3514 Clinton Parkway
Open: Mo-Su 10am-10pm
4821 W 6th St, Ste K
4931 W 6th St
Open: Mo-Su 3-9pm
3115 W 6th St
4801 Bauer Farm Dr, Suite C
Open: Mo-Fr 10am-5pm; Sa-Su 10am-2pm
601 Kasold Dr, #C101
4931 W 6th St, #118A
Open: Mo-Sa 11am-8pm; Su 11am-3pm

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